Construction of New Classes at the SCIP ECO School

In ancient India, schooling used to happen out in the open, under a shade of a tree in front of a Guru (meaning: The remover of ignorance). When we started The SCIP ECO (Equality, Compassion, Opportunity) School, it was out in the open. The aim was to provide a starting platform for children's education. As we gathered more resources and gained momentum, we were able to build a few classes around two years ago. 


The classes have the same ambience that you would find in any other well-functioning school. It integrates aspects of learning, children's development, and their hobbies. We chose bright colours for the walls so that it would be someplace warm, happy, and cozy -- a place where the children looked forward to coming to every morning. 

If you were to look at the sheer happiness on every child's face, every morning, you would feel an urge to make a donation and to fund a child's education. You can do this by contributing a one-off donation of $200 which is also tax-deductible.

Currently, we have six constructed classes, which function as a nursery, LKG, UKG, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grades individually. The 6 rooms are just outside the campus, which means that the children have ample space to play and frolic. They were built two years along with a pharmacy and the SCIP medial clinic.  The construction was fully funded by donations from various volunteers. Even though we worked with reputed contractors, they were not built at any discounted rates ensuring that the quality was maintained and the students got to study in the best possible infrastructure that we could provide with our limited resources and funding. The construction cost of one class is $700 and it would be a huge morale boost to children and their families to know that they go to a school which provides a roof over their heads. Even when it comes to education, it's all about their safety. Please consider making a donation to our honest education charity


Fund A Child's Education