15 Children SPONSORED -- Thank you donors!

When we set out to seek 10 scholarships for the children at Nehru Academy School, it seemed like an uphill task. Even though we had all the tools, it seemed like the destination was out of our reach.

After a lot of consideration -- whether to launch a Kickstarter campaign or to reach out to people by organising a fundraising event -- we decided to go digital and to build a sponsorship page. Since our charity’s funding was (and is) limited, our marketing efforts were not boosted by any dollars, but it was all done via word-of-mouth, clicks, and shares. So, thank you to everyone who shared the Sponsorship Page and told their friends and family about the same.

As months went by, sponsorships started trickling in but we were far from reaching our target of 10. We had just 4 scholarships, and the new academic year was about to start. It was then that our volunteer Kranti Bandhu raised a concern of us not being able to sponsor the children on time. Our founder, Frances Allan, gave us her word that the remaining children will be sponsored by her! Thus, our fears and worries were allayed.

But within the next two weeks, something not short of a miracle happened. More people came to know about the Sponsorship, and they were not only interested but they also contributed with open hearts and generosity. We were struggling at the armrest but have received a heart whelming response for which we are truly grateful. :)

Saving Children in Poverty is happy and proud to share that we have exceeded our target of 10 sponsorships. In fact, FIFTEEN children have been sponsored this year, and we earnestly hope to be able to continue our efforts and sponsor more kids for a brighter future.

Once again, thank you so much for enabling a hopeful future for each of these kids. After all --

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.
— Malcolm X

Please help our educational charity in its continuous effort to create a sustainable future via the means of education for all.

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