Nehru Academy Sponsorship

My name is FUTURE, and I thank you for your support!

Your scholarship and donation made sure that I studied and didn’t drop out. It means the world to me.

In my school, we have classes from nursery to 8th standard and there are 500 students! I really love going to school and learning about how gravity works and how plants prepare their own food. That’s incredible.

According to the Nehru Academy Sponsorship, twenty-five kids from the Sector Four Slum Community of Faridabad, or home as I call it, get to study in a private school. It’s awesome there. They have wooden benches, blackboards, and world maps. Talking about world maps, you know … when I grow up, I am going to travel the world and speak in different languages. It would be so much fun!

But to do all of that, I need an education. It will be possible only with your help and support. Your contribution of $200 AUD will make sure that I continue to study.  

And when I grow up, I am going to change the world, all thanks to YOUR kindness and generosity!