Free Eye Check-Up Camp for the Kids in the Slum

In March 2018, the SCIP Clinic organised a free eye check-up camp in the Faridabad Sector Four Community. The aim was to provide kids with better eyecare so they can dream with open eyes and be clear about the future they want to create for themselves.

The first task was to find a Doctor who would be kind with his time and be willing to provide quality healthcare service to the kids living in the slum. After our initial efforts, we were able to collaborate with Dr B. B. Gupta, who is an eye specialist. He runs his own private clinic and collaborates with our non-profit projects during mornings. When Dr Gupta gave us the time,  we, excitedly, scheduled an eye check-up camp for the kids.


As a part of our free eye healthcare initiative, 20 kids received free eye care check-up so far. It is done class wise and more children will get an eye checkup in the future. They were tested for farsightedness as well as short-sightedness, with an aim to identify the power of the kids’ eyes so they can wear glasses and learn better. Everything we do at SCIP is driven by an innate desire to make the future brighter, better, and in this instance, clearer.

After the eye checkup, the kids were joyous. They were happy when the doctor put on different lenses in their glass and asked them to read out alphabets. It was fun for them. This was our first eye checkup camp and the positive response has fuelled us to conduct many more in the future.

As a part of our “better eyes, brighter tomorrow” campaign, the kids will receive eyeglasses which will be tailor-made per the power of their eyes. However, so far, all the kids tested have had normal and strong vision.

We would love to have you onboard and help us to execute our non-profit projects that make a positive impact in the society. Whether you would like to contribute your time, skills, money, or kind words, we welcome it all. Our honest charity appreciates your honest efforts.