Results and Parents-Teachers Meeting

The SCIP ECO School's academic year has ended -- you can read about all the crazy-fun and educational activities we carried out in the 2017-2018 session. Our honest and ethical charity makes a continuous effort to contribute towards the education sector, by ensuring that every kid in the world has access to quality education. This is the underlying stone and belief of every step we take at our school and our non-profit charitable organisation.

Since our SCIP School has six classes currently, including nursery, lower kindergarten, upper kindergarten, first grade, second grade, and third grade, we are continuously looking to expand the classes so that we can accommodate more students, who will get an easy access to education, which will eventually improve their quality of life and standard of living by providing them with the foundation for a successful future. You can help us build a new classroom by donating $700 -- it is a one-off, tax-deductible donation. It will help the kids enormously because they can continue studying at our school. More so, we won't have to turn away any kids because currently, we are functioning at full capacity. Our change-maker and SCIP member, Kranti Sharma told us, "Lots of children are coming for admission but we don't have space." So, it would be wonderful and really kind of you to help our non-profit charitable organisation to educate underprivileged kids in India. Please help us make our world a better and brighter place for everyone.

Saving Children in Poverty has partnered with a private Indian school Nehru Academy. Every year, 10 bright kids get the opportunity to study there. It really makes us happy to see our students grow and spread their wings. Just last week, we got to know that our student Aman has secured 92.5% score in his finals and his overall performance at the school has been described as "outstanding." It makes our hearts swell with pride and also with gratitude because it wouldn't have been possible without your help.

As the new academic year is on the brink, we need your help to sponsor the education for 10 kids. Please consider donating and contributing a one-off, tax-deductible amount of $200 so that a kid can get his/her education and make his/her dreams come true.

Annual Results Declaration 2018 -- Mark Sheets & Accolades

I think it's absolutely beautiful how much these kids have been able to learn and develop with the resources available to them. We try our best to provide the best possible positive, motivational, and growth-mindset-oriented environment at our non-profit school -- the SCIP ECO School. The constant focus is on identifying their skills and talents and encouraging them to cultivate and grow their skills and hobbies. 

Parents - Teachers Meeting at the SCIP ECO School

The joy on the kids and their parents faces is what keeps us going every day. I urge you to help us continue our honest efforts to make education more accessible in every nook and corner of the world. We dream of a world where every kid has access to education and every person can read, write, and create a path for their success. A Utopian future that is for everyone -- irrespective of where they were born. Your support matters a lot to us. Please help us to make our dream a reality -- let's start with sponsoring one kid this year. Fund a child's education for a $200 tax-deductible donation and contribution.