Building Safe Workplace For Women

In the wake of the #metoo movement gaining momentum in India and the survivors of sexual assault finding courage to speak up about their horror stories, it is time to introspect.

According to the google trends map, #metoo is being spoken about most in India.

Most of the stories that surfaced were about workplace sexual assault and misconduct. Even though there are laws and committees in place, it is often difficult for the survivor to speak up right away. Along with empowering the survivors and ensuring them that it is no their guilt or shame but the attacker’s fault, we also have to build safe workplaces, where everyone feels welcomed to do their best.


As the NowThis video mentions, economically lower class women are more prone to being sexually assaulted and it is highly likely that it would go unreported. SCIP SEWS employs underprivileged women by giving them an opportunity to earn a livelihood of dignity. They are able to provide for their children and family, without having to look over their shoulders every other minute.

To all the brave men and women, who have been victims of sexual assault, please know that we are in solidarity with you. We hear you. And we believe you.

SCIP SEWS is a not-for-profit charity where 100% of profits are driven back into the society. Please donate to our women empowerment and equal opportunity charity to help us build safe workplaces and a safer world for all.

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