Welcome to the SCIP blog!

A warm welcome to the SCIP blog!

I am Shweta and I will be reporting the on-field action from the various non-profit SCIP projects including-but-not-limited-to: SCIP School, SCIP Kitchen, SCIP Clinic, SCIP Women’s Empowerment Group, SCIP Sews, SCIP Scholarship, and other community initiatives.

Geared by the spirit of accountability and honesty, our founder, Frances Allan, suggested that we start the weekly SCIP Blog. It is our honest effort to reach out to you and report the action directly from India. If you would like to collaborate, support, donate, or volunteer with us, please subscribe to our newsletter for timely updates.


Dr. Vishy Bandhu and Kranti Bandhu, a young Indian couple, generously allocate their time and skills to the Saving Children in Poverty NGO in Faridabad, India. They are in touch with all the volunteers and spearhead the Operations side of the things. We exchange updates, messages, and photos (after all, a picture is worth a thousand words, more so in the day and age of social media) via WhatsApp and Google Drive.

The whole SCIP team is distributed across time zones and countries -- and we sincerely hope to give you a sneak-peek into the on-ground projects in real-time. Transparency trumps everything, and if you would like to know further about projects that need and use your sponsorship, please feel free to write to us. We are all ears!