Women Empowerment Seminar

SCIP Sews is a proud initiative of Saving Children in Poverty. SCIP Sews started after a few women from the sector-four slum of Faridabad, India decided that they wanted to learn from each other and also wanted to develop their skills. When they requested us that they wanted to learn to SEW, the decision was SEW easy to make. Within a heartbeat, the project was greenlighted and two professional tailors taught the women the skills they wanted to learn.


Today the women at SCIP are their own bosses. They get the benefits of the corporate (working woman) lifestyle without having the pressure of deadlines and profit margins. Everything that they make is sold worldwide through our Shopify and Etsy stores. So, every time you buy a garment or an item from our store, you are literally helping the women to run their own homes, support their family, and live a life of dignity. Check out our collection of ethical clothing!

As you must have guessed by now, SCIP is a strong supporter of gender equality. To ensure that it is ingrained in children from a young age, we frequently conduct Women Empowerment Seminars at the SCIP ECO (Equality, Compassion, Opportunity) School. The dream is for every child to respect everyone irrespective of their gender and other differences. Join us on our mission to make the world a better place for everyone. 


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