Setting up your children for sustainability

Bringing the young ones on board - Setting up your children for sustainability

In all areas of life, developing good habits early on can make a big difference. You want to do your best to set your children up for the future. 


Whether you’re working in child-care or raising children at home, you need to be conscious of how your children can learn good sustainability practices, why they matter, and how you should reinforce these ideas.


Providing our children with the best opportunity to safeguard their health, their planet, and ecosystems is one of the most important tasks you will face as parents or educators – so you should have a plan in mind to set your children up for a sustainable, eco-friendly future. 


There is no point by point blueprint on how to approach this, as children are very different, and will respond to different things. You will often need to be creative – but there are some general guidelines you can follow.


Of course, whatever it is you intend to teach your child, you should be leading by example – if you’re not being mindful of sustainability in your own practices, how will they learn to? 


Having said that, it’s not quite enough to simply tell children what they should do – you need to show them, and explain why it matters, at all stages of their learning. Be a positive role model, first and foremost.

That’s not to suggest your life-lesson needs to be heavy-handed or grim; you can make learning about sustainability practices fun – for example, you can teach your children what items should go into different bins through modelling, pictures, stories and games. You could even invest in some smaller, child-friendly bins to match the larger ones. This would teach them about adequate waste management, and motivate their involvement. 


Get them involved with nature too, first and foremost by being a green-thumb – Teach them about the variety of flora and fauna in the backyard – kids are fascinated by critters, whether they’re birds or butterflies!


You can help children find ways to collect water when it rains – show them the many different ways water can be used.


Taking your children to an op-shop is an opportunity for a fun and educational day out; You will be helping charities to aid others in need and reusing old items. It’s a fantastic process to explore further with children.


In a nutshell, you want to Integrate and encourage your children as much as possible; make it fun for them to learn and help out. Impart the values you want them to possess. 

Bringing the young ones on board – Setting up your children for sustainability


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