Building a Self-Sustaining Community



Our vision is that Rise the Community will no longer a charity asking for hand-outs, but a community funding their own education, healthcare and employment opportunities.

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Educate. Facilitate. Change.

Our mission includes working in partnership with the community.  Our projects enhance and support existing Indian health and education systems, without enforcing western ways. We also aim to uphold cultural values, believing strongly in the humanity, discipline, unity, heart ,and secularism of the Indian culture and Faridabad, Sector-Four community.

Our Projects

Rise the Label continually strives to reach and enhance every strata of the society.  Our honest charitable projects cover a wide array of community service like education, healthcare, employment, and gender equality. Each of our non-profit project strengthens the Indian community and creates a tangible change. The latest project is towards self-sustainability through the sale of bohemian designed clothing with profits going back to the community.



Donations Serve THE COMMUNITY

Our ethical charity has been able to instill trust in our partners because of our honest work ethics. SCIP has successfully raised and allocated 100% money for the betterment of the society via education, health, and other community initiatives.



Years Serving communities

Formed in 2010, SCIP has been diligently serving communities across India and plans to do so for years to come. We would love to have you on board to help us make the world a better place, one day at a time.



Thousand children Impacted

Children are the makers of our future. When we positively change a child's life, we build a strong foundation for the next generation. SCIP provides free education and quality healthcare to kids in India.

Moving away from donations and towards this community being fully sustainable

Get Involved And Spread Happiness

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is one of the most worthwhile things you can ever do. Everyone has different skills to offer and you are welcome to apply if you would like to make the world better, and work with an ethical charitable organisation. SCIP would love to hear from you!

Make a Donation

SCIP Inc is a proud partner of Global Development Group for our non-profit social projects in Faridabad. It allows for tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 to our aid and development work on these projects. For the price of one coffee, you could educate a child for a week!