Make a waste-free lunchbox your priority

Lay waste to the traditional lunchbox - Make a waste-free lunchbox your priority

Let’s not kid ourselves – packing a lunchbox can be hard work.


As if finding foods with the good nutritional value your kids will actually want to eat wasn’t difficult enough – today, you have the added challenge of limiting plastic wrapping and packaging.


We understand better than ever today just how important it is to limit the use of plastics in food storage for the well-being of your children, as well as that of the environment. Sadly, plastics are not as safe as we once thought and have the potential to wreak havoc on our ecosystems. 


As we learn more about the effect of plastic on the environment and human health, we should seek to minimise their use, and we have a greater opportunity today than ever before to do so.


Research suggests a child’s average packed lunch produces three pieces of rubbish every day, amounting to about 30 kilograms of waste per child, each year. So across the community, there’s room for improvement. 


Treats like chip packets, snack bags and yoghurts are some of the items contributing to the high amount of plastic in a child’s lunchbox, so you should consider limiting these.

You can actually use environmentally friendly reusable products to pack a completely waste-free lunch, or at the very least greatly reduce the amount of plastic, and we’re going to explain how.


Firstly, you could consider investing in a non-toxic and durable lunchbox. You can also swap your harmful plastic wraps with natural, biodegradable, beeswax wraps. 


Today, there are great alternatives for your plastic water bottles and containers, too – ideally a reusable stainless steel bottle, or a BPA-free plastic bottle. 


You can also swap your single-use sandwich bags for reusable ones, and your plastic utensils for stainless steel or bamboo cutlery. Finally, you can do the same with your plastic yoghurt tubs – switch them out with stainless steel or BPA-free containers.


All these methods are cheaper and more accessible today than ever before and will safeguard your children and the environment from plastic pollutants. There’s no excuse not to start thinking about how to pack your children a waste-free lunch today.

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