Building a Self-Sustaining Community

SCIP is on a mission to provide educational, medical, and community support services.

Saving Children in Poverty (SCIP) is a non-profit organisation located in the Faridabad Slum community in New Delhi, India. Founded by Frances Allan and local doctor Vishy Bandhu in 2010, it was designed to provide the much-needed educational, medical, and community support services for school-age children who live in impoverished conditions of the Sector Four neighbourhood of Faridabad. Originally begun with an SCIP school, it has now expanded to include an SCIP Clinic, Women’s Empowerment Group and SCIP Kitchen.

Now attended by more than 70 students between the ages of 5 and 16, the SCIP School is at the heart of the organisation. It provides free education for children of various learning levels who cannot afford or are otherwise unable to attend public school. It also helps students transition to public school by using the same government-approved educational curriculum, awarding individual scholarships, and arranging school transportation. The SCIP Clinic, staffed with a local doctor and nurses, offers free medical care, health education and immunisations to the general public in the Faridabad community.


The SCIP Kitchen supplies nourishing lunches for students while creating consistent employment opportunities for local women. The Women’s Empowerment Group offers training, workshops and support for women to build their skill sets and increase their independence.

From the beginning, SCIP has operated on the premise of partnership with the local community. SCIP is built as an integral part of the community. This is a very important part of the organization’s mission – to ultimately create a self-sustaining entity fully managed by residents of the Faridabad Slum.  Currently, neighbourhood residents participate as students, teachers, staff members, managers and volunteers. They are encouraged to take a sense of pride of ownership in the organization.  Many women in the Women’s Empowerment Group are related to the young students in the school – their mothers, grandmothers and female relatives.

Other volunteers from countries also contribute their time to specific projects. All donations are applied directly to SCIP projects. No member of SCIP accepts a salary.  


Join hands with us on our mission to educate, facilitate, and empower.