Building a Self-Sustaining Community


The SCIP ECO School for underprivileged and uneducated children was opened in 2011 in Faridabad, Delhi. It is run by SCIP,  one of the best charitable organisations, with the assistance of volunteers and community members in India. The SCIP school, or ECHO School, as it is known (Equality, Compassion, Honesty and Opportunity), has over 100 students, who are taught basic maths, science and spelling in both English and Hindi. There are seven teachers to teach from kindergarten till grade 2. 



The Women's Empowerment project was opened in late 2012. Local women attend the school and the SCIP students teach their mothers and grandmothers their daily lessons. These women have now formed a group coming together daily to share stories and skills, such as sewing, reading and writing benefiting the whole community. Volunteers are encouraged to share any of their own skills with this keen group of women, young and old. Some of the ladies may even teach the volunteers a thing or two.



The SCIP Clinic is a new initiative providing free medical care and medicine to local women and children in the community. Free vaccines are administered as well as advice and transport in emergency situations.

In March 2013 an awesome group of nursing volunteers taught a first aid course to local women who are training to work at the clinic.



SCIP Women's Empowerment Project not only provided vocational training to the local women but also created jobs for them so that they can live a sustainable life and support their families. Two tailors teach sewing kills to women in slums, and after training, women make beautiful hand-crafted garments as part of SCIP Sews. The profit generated goes right back to the community. Would you like to support these hard-working and talented women at one of the best charitable organisation?

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Every year, Saving Children in Poverty sets out to sponsor TEN children for further education with the help of generous donors and sponsors around the world. The children get to continue their studies (their smiles in the pic is all the motivation we need) at the Nehru Academy School. The donation is completely tax-deductible and helps a child to study for a year. Please reach out to us if you would like to fund a child's education for a year.