Building a Self-Sustaining Community

Healthcare:  SCIP Clinic

Saving Children in Poverty aims to reduce the incidence of disease among all residents of the Sector-Four community in Faridabad, Delhi at The SCIP Clinic.  It employs Dr Bandhu and Dr Danesh to provide free standard health care to any resident.  This inclusive policy aims to encourage a healthy and hygienic standard of living where patients can benefit from the treatment of minor injuries and illnesses. A primary health care model of health education and preventative action is also taught to patients who attend the SCIP Projects.

The SCIP Clinic, a healthcare NGO project, has helped reduce the child mortality rates in the Sector Four community by attending to victims of sicknesses, referring them to other health professionals and/or providing preventative medications.  The Clinic is an honest healthcare charity that encourages residents to get immunizations.


In accordance with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, SCIP aims to combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases by offering tests and treatment options for diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. In addition, we have recently installed a water tank/pump to ensure clean drinking water and sanitation, thus reducing the spread of communicable diseases.

In order to provide better accessibility, our future plans involve purchasing an Auto-Rickshaw to transport patients to the nearest hospital located 20kms away. This will be used for SCIPs monthly immunisation project at the local hospital and for medical emergencies.

As we continuously improve our health care services and facilities, our onsite doctors are dedicated to actively documenting patient records. This practice enables us to gather valuable baseline information regarding demographic patterns, illness occurrence rates, and outcomes that will enable us to further research effectiveness for continual improvement of our services.


Ready to support an ethical charity?

As a result of this, we have gained an understanding about the significant need for female-centred health care, including prenatal and maternity support.  In response, and in respect for cultural traditions within the community, we hired a female doctor and nurse which will ensure that women feel comfortable visiting the clinic.   

The SCIP Clinic offers volunteer opportunities for those who want to make a difference in the health of all residents in the Faridabad slum.  For three days each year, volunteers conduct a free First Aid course for women.  Healthcare professionals in particular who want to contribute their time, skills, education and knowledge are much appreciated as part of our efforts to provide excellent healthcare to those in need.  The SCIP Clinic currently has a GP doctor, gynecologist, optometrist, pharmacist, and laboratory technician. In addition to providing free medicines to the community, it is our continuous effort to provide the best possible healthcare. Come, partner with our ethical charity!