Building a Self-Sustaining Community

SCIP Women's Empowerment Group

Saving Children in Poverty started in 2010 in Faridabad, India. Our current projects include -- a “slum school” for 3 primary classes, a free medical clinic, and a Women’s Empowerment Project.

Education has a heartwarming way of making its own way, where there is a will. When the local children attended school, their mothers and grandmothers would accompany them. And the women began to learn to read and write, too. They would do this with their kids. Thus, the Women’s Empowerment Project is an ethical charity that was a result of the community’s initiative and our timely response.


Once the women mastered the basics, they requested to be taught vocational skills so they can generate income and support their families. In 2015, fifteen self-motivated ladies attended a sewing class to learn tailoring and stitching.

Equipped with skills, the women wanted to be employed. So we looked for work for a year and completed small jobs on-the-way. Eventually, we decided to create work for the ladies’ skills and formed SCIP Sews.

We design kids clothing here in Australia. The fabric is ordered and sent from here to SCIP Sews. Skilled women create garments, which are shipped to Australia. Our ethical charity sells these handcrafted garments, made with love and hard work, online. Once sold, we send 100% money to the women.

Would you like to buy adorable clothes from an ethical charity?


The women have no deadlines to meet and can work at their own pace. Many prefer to work outside their children’s classroom under a cool shade.

It has taken us a few months to perfect the samples but the ladies take great pride in their work and the results are beautiful and have been very popular.

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