Building a Self-Sustaining Community

Our vision is for everyone to have education, healthcare, and self-reliance. 

SCIP deeply believes that health care and education are powerful weapons against poverty.  Our vision is for all children and residents in the slums to have the education, healthcare and support necessary to fulfil their human potential and live the best life possible.  Our non-profit projects continually cause a ripple effect that permeates through each family, multiplying in beneficial ways throughout the larger Indian community.

Our vision includes working in partnership with the community, without enforcing western ways.  Our non-profit projects enhance and support existing Indian health and education systems, without enforcing western ways. We also aim to uphold cultural values, believing strongly in the humanity, discipline, unity, heart and secularism of the Indian culture and Faridabad, Sector-Four community. We invite cultural values into the SCIP community and encourage Indian staff to apply cultural ethics to their practices. Thus we are one of the best charitable organisations in the world.


In May 2014, SCIP applied for Global Development Group (GDG) partnership, which will ultimately help us achieve our vision. The partnership will enable our status as a tax-deductible organization.  We also will leverage GDG’s substantial experience in international aid operations to strengthen our efforts.  We aim to provide ongoing assistance to our current non-profit projects, develop new ideas and expand our approach that will incorporate more people and communities in additional areas. 

Saving Children in Poverty is a proud supporter of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and aims to help achieve these goals by 2020. By improving the lives of slum dwellers in Faridabad, we would contribute to the worldwide goal of improving 100 million lives within the next six years. Join us if you would like to volunteer at a non-profit NGO.


Are you ready to change the world? Join our honest and ethical charity.