Every story has a beginning. Our honest and ethical charity started when...

Frances Allan first travelled to Delhi, India with her nursing degree in 2010, she knew she wanted to volunteer in providing standard healthcare to make a difference for slum residents. Yet, at the time, she didn’t realize her life would change completely.  In the Sector Four Faridabad community, she witnessed severe poverty and an ongoing struggle among residents for survival in extreme conditions beyond what she had imagined.  She especially noted that too many children were consumed with issues of daily survival and had no access to education or healthcare.

The over-crowded Faridabad Slums are home to approximately 1.7 million people who struggle daily to access basic needs such as shelter, nutrition, water, income, medical care, sanitation and education. Women face gender-based and societal challenges such as a lower literacy rate or lack of employment opportunities that further restrict their ability to develop and function to their potential.  According to the United Nations Children’s Fund, children living in poverty conditions such as in the Faridabad Slum experience: “Deprivation of the material, spiritual and emotional resources needed to survive, develop and thrive, leaving them unable to enjoy their rights, achieve their full potential or participate as full and equal members of society.”


This experience changed her life. Frances became determined to make a lasting contribution to save children in poverty and help improve the lives of as many Indian slum residents as possible. She also wanted to extend this meaningful experience to others by offering volunteer opportunities.

Knowing that her efforts needed community participation from local residents to be successful, she teamed up with a local Indian doctor, Vishav (Vishy) Bandhu to explore creating an ethical charitable organisation that would be based in the Faridabad Slum and managed on location by Bandhu. She also wanted to create a sustainable volunteer organisation that endorsed honest ethics.

Working with Dr. Bandhu, who ran an orphanage, she managed to raise enough funds, originally among friends or colleagues.  Dr. Vishy Bandhu identified a location within the Faridabad slum for the facility, and founded what was then a one-room SCIP school.  The school attracted students who had no access, funds or transportation to the public school.  She found that the students were eager and willing to learn. Their dedication to their own advancement further inspired her.  Together, Frances and Vishy expanded services to include an SCIP Scholarship, which would provide funding and transportation to cover fees for enrolment at the nearest government-run public school.


Today, nearly 70 students attend the SCIP School. There is a SCIP Clinic to provide free health services to the community.  A SCIP Kitchen provides employment for local residents, as well as nutritious meals for the students.  The Women’s Empowerment Group helps teach local women job skills, crafts and language arts to empower them economically and as individuals. SCIP Sews help women to earn income with their skills and to support their families.

It is our PROMISE that all profits will be donated to honest charitable projects in the most ethical and prosperous way.



SCIP is on a mission to provide education, healthcare, and the environment for growth so that every one can live up to their full potential. Our social non-profit projects help us to live by our mission. 



SCIP's vision is inclusive such that every child has access to basic necessities like healthcare, education, and other everyday needs. We dream of a future in which no child sleeps hungry or is illiterate. And we are working towards it!