United Nations, Sustainable Development Goals

At Rise, we believe equality is a fundamental right, necessary for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. We are committed and are doing our part to align with the United Nations Goals of Gender Equality.

5.1 End all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere.


By focusing on upskilling and empowering women to fully participate in economic and community life, Rise is contributing to ending discrimination. The more women who are able to independently earn an income, run businesses and take care of themselves and their children, the more we normalise this.


5.2 Eliminate all forms of violence against all women and girls in the public and private spheres, including trafficking and sexual and other types of exploitation.


When women are empowered to be financially independent, their risk of experiencing violence decreases. Women who have tangible skills that enable them to earn a fair living wage are at reduced risk of trafficking and sexual exploitation, and this risk is also reduced for their children. At Rise, we ensure that women have access to skills training, psychosocial support, and receive a fair living wage for their work.


5.4 Recognise and value unpaid care and domestic work through the provision of public services, infrastructure and social protection policies and the promotion of shared responsibility within the household and the family as nationally appropriate.


Women in Faridabad hold the bulk of responsibility for domestic duties and childcare. At Rise, we provide flexible working conditions to ensure that their employment does not result in a disadvantage for their children, or cause conflict in the home.


5.5 Ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision making in political, economic and public life.


We ensure Rise women have choice and flexibility when it comes to their working hours and the training they participate in, and we make sure that children come first. As a female-owned and operated enterprise, Rise offers all women the opportunity for growth, promotion and leadership and provides a fair living wage.


Each year, we survey the women of Rise to understand their wins, challenges and goals for the future, as well as their experience and feedback on our training programmes. This helps us ensure that women are able to balance their personal responsibilities with their career goals and enables us to adapt our programs to suit the individual needs of the women.


Our five-year plan towards a fully local owned and operated business allows us to refine the model over time, making sure that gender equality is built into the essence of Rise.


5.6 Ensure universal access to sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights


At Rise, we offer all women access to information and referral to medical support for reproductive health prevention and treatment. We believe that women have the right to access information about their bodies and their rights in user-friendly language and formats.





    Rise the Community solely exists to offer employment opportunities in the small town of Faridabad, India. All the profits go directly to this community’s education and healthcare services.

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